Bat surveys and roost counts

The Manx Bat Group regularly undertakes surveys of properties or particular locations to check for the presence of bats. Anyone can help and more volunteers are usually required. This typically involves the volunteers team watching for bats at different viewpoints around a building or structure and noting the numbers leaving (at dusk) or entering (at dawn). If possible we try to identify the species using bat detectors and visual clues. Contact us if you’d like to volunteer. Training will be provided.

Members can also participate in various bat surveys and ongoing roost monitoring throughout the summer months. Contact each coordinator below for details.

bridge survey looking for bats

Roost counts: summer months

Checking known clusters of roosts to estimate numbers and confirm species. You can volunteer to monitor particular roosts in your own time, or why not get together a team to monitor a local area? Training can be provided.

Coordinator: Nick Pinder

Leisler's roost count: June

Help count Leisler’s bats emerging from known roosts. This is the Island’s largest bat.

Coordinator: Richard Selman

iBats: July to August

The Indicator Bats Program: structured car-based surveys to record bat calls along a set route. Part of the UK National Bat Monitoring Programme (and global equivalents).

Coordinator: Bob Moon

Nathusius' pipistrelle hunt: September

Join our search to find what would be a new species for the Island.

Coordinator: Bob Moon

surveying a bridge for bats
surveying sea caves