Bat detectors

A summary of available bat detectors can be found on the Bat Conservation Trust website.

If you join us on a guided bat walk you can borrow one of the Bat Group’s heterodyne detectors, which will let you hear any bats flying overheard.

The Bat Group also has several Anabat detectors, purchased with financial assistance from DEFA. This is a different type of detector that will help us collect and analyse important bat information.

The Anabat system consists of the detector and a recording device. Recordings are downloaded onto a computer and analysed using the Analook program. The detector and recorder can be left at a site and the recordings analysed at a later date. In this way a lot of data can be collected without someone having to be present.

Useful websites

We are a Partner Member of the Bat Conservation Trust, our umbrella organisation. You’ll find lots of advice and information on the BCT website, including leaflets, activities and publications to download, training information, bat sound recordings and free batty e-cards!