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Bats on the beach – who’d have thunk it?

9th June 2022 As part of my continuing quest to elucidate the importance of our beaches as foraging habitat for bats, I put two Anabat Express detectors overlooking the beach just west of the access at the Lhen bridge on 1st June. I’d got some intriguing results there...

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My Bats

Shane Stigant, MBG member, explains his interest in bats and experiments with different styles of bat boxes I have always been a keen observer of wildlife but my interest in bats came after a realisation that I knew relatively little about them. Like most people, I...

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A message from Chris Packham

Bats are an important indication of our landscape’s health and intrinsically fascinating creatures. They need looking after and I would urge you to get to know your bats better! The Manx Bat Group are the best way to do this, so try to get involved in 2015.

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