The Manx Batphone has been fairly quiet this summer but the first call in weeks on July 11th resulted in a young pip being returned to its roost early the next morning.

Exactly a year ago the householder called the Bat Group with a grounded bat in the house, which was not resolved successfully. This time a small bat was flying round the day room and placed in a box for the Bat Group to pick up. A visit that evening confirmed the roost but access was a bit difficult. At least two adult bats, however, were circling for up to half an hour, once or twice going to perch in nearby trees momentarily, evidently very interested in the young bat placed in a box on an adjacent flat roof.

The technique was repeated next morning but the 30 or so returning bats showed little or no interest this time, and so when they had all re-entered the roost, the youngster was placed at the entrance and crawled in by itself.