The activities and organisation of the Manx Bat Group are managed by a volunteer Committee, which meets usually once a month. The Committee is made up of the officers required by the charity's constitution plus other people elected from the membership each year at the AGM. The current officers are:

  • Chairman (Nick Pinder)
  • Treasurer (Sue Pinder)
  • Secretary (Louise Samson)
  • Recorder (Nick Pinder)
  • DEFA Liaison Officer (Richard Selman)

Committee members are elected at the Group's AGM, which is usually held in December each year. Any member who would like to help run the Group is welcome to stand. Among other things, the Committee does the folllowing:

  • Organises public bat walks and events
  • Promotes the conservation of bats through educational talks and activities
  • Arranges bat surveys of or comments on properties subject to planning applications
  • Runs the Bat Helpline to advise on grounded and injured bats and bats in buildings
  • Arranges for the care of injured or grounded bats by experienced bat carers
  • Makes bat worker/carer training available